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Tommy Rodgers

on MUX as

The Addict


Drug Dealer

Apparent Age


Played By

The Addict

Role in Slasher

Tommy Rodgers is Danny's mom's on and off again boyfriend. When she has kicked him out, he lives in his VW bus and goes wherever he wants. He's also Danny's weed man.

Tommy likes hanging out with Danny and his friends. He wants to be the cool older guy the youngsters look up to, but most of the time, he just gets taken advantage of and doesn't seem to know the difference.

Drug Dealer: Want drugs, kids? Ol' Tommy can hook you up.

Wants To Be Cool: A fifty year-old guy hanging out with college students, it doesn't get any cooler than that.

Sweet VW Bus: Sometimes he lives out of it. Smells permanently of pot and stale cigarette smoke.


Brawn: Normal
- Lifelong Pacifist (Negative)

Tommy has no idea how to throw a punch. He's useless in a fight.
Finesse: Poor
- Two Left Feet (Negative)

Tommy can't dance to save his life, but that doesn't stop him from trying! He also tends to fall over himself when it comes to running.
Brains: Normal
+ Well-read (Positive)

Tommy has read a lot of books, and along the way he's even picked up information that's occasionally useful.
Spirit: Good
+ Connected (Positive)

Tommy has unwittingly altered his mind so much he's got a connection to the supernatural. He just doesn't realize it.


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Frat Boy / Future Burnout

Danny might be Tommy's son. Whether he is or not, he's Tommy's pride and joy regardless. Fiercely independent, opinionated, and passionate, Danny encompasses qualities Tommy only wishes he had, and that's why Tommy hangs around him and his friends so much. He sees Danny as someone touched by wisdom beyond their years, and if a movement starts around this kid, he wants to be right there at ground zero when it happens. In the meantime, Danny lets him party with him and his friends, and he's always down for a good time.

No badges for Slasher.

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