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The Addict



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The Addict

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Role in The Last Road

Rebar is a War Child, born and bred. He's never known any other life than that in the Garage. He relies on Kitten to keep his ride in peak shape, and Kitten likes how fast Rebar drives. Any time they can ride with Rebar, it's a treat. It's a simple friendship based on simple principles: fix car, go fast.

Rebar can tell, though, that he's getting to the end of the line. The sickness is starting to take him, and he's determined that he'll die in glorious battle before that can happen.

  • Shiny and Chrome: Rebar is a War Child through and through, and an avid devotee to the V8.
  • Friend of Kitten's: If you get in good with Rebar, chances are you'll get in good with kitten. If you run afoul of him, you might have to answer to the pipe wrench.
  • Sickness: Rebar's facing the end of his own road, and he's determined to go out in glorious battle.


Brawn: Poor
+ Brawler (Positive)

Fist to fist, Rebar knows how to sort things out.
Finesse: Good
+ Crack driver (Positive)

Rebar drives real good.
Brains: Normal
- Uneducated (Negative)

Rebar doesn't know much.
Spirit: Normal
+ Determined (Positive)

Rebar isn't going to let sickness take him. He's going to die in battle!

Perks and Quirks

+ Witness Me

Allows the character to forego a Freak-Out Check and simply attack the source instead at a +1. This is obviously not always a great idea. If they choose not to attack and roll the Freak-Out Check as normal, keep in mind that failing and panicking is seen as cowardice, and such mediocre behavior will be remembered until they find a way to redeem themselves.
- Half-life

Whenever the character is injured they must make a Brawn Check without modifiers. Failure means their immune system does not kick in and they will not heal, leaving them at 0 SP going forward and without a Free Failure, much like an SR. They can only heal by being given a blood bag/donor and must roll again once a week until they get a success, at which point they are healthy again.




Friend, mechanic, not the sidekick.

No badges for The Last Road.

Like Catherine Wheels
(2019-12-10 • Sanctuary - Prime - Scavenger Lounge) Faustina and Kitten pump the Scavenger siblings for more information. Mark and Faustina discover why Rebar and the Anchor Man have agreed the charioteer will take Kitten's spot as Rebar's gunner on this run.
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War Kids and Monitors
(2019-11-18 • Sanctuary - Prime - Great Mess Hall) A chat between the survivors.
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