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The Addict



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Ezra Miller

Faction Membership


Once is never enough. Sweet release is fleeting, and once it has passed, the emptiness comes. Nothing will fill that void except to indulge again, and again, and again. Each time, push a little further, do a little more. Always more.

Every fix comes with a cost. They swear this is the last time, until the next time.

Archetype Roster Concept 

It may change from story to story, but there's always a deep, insatiable hunger for something - alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, food, sex, attention - and the worse the craving gets, the more unpredictable you get.

Role in The Last Road

Kitten was born pristine at the Sanctuary. With their intellect, they could have been a Savvy. It was the path laid out for them. Then, as a child, they caught a fever that lingered for weeks, and when it finally cleared, they weren't their old self anymore. Rumors say that fever fried their brain. They have very little impulse control now, and their awareness of reality fades in and out, though sometimes their unique point of view gives them interesting insights.

With their erratic personality, they weren't suited to the self-awareness and discipline necessary to study science or medicine, nor were they a good candidate for being a companion. When they started coughing up blood once every once in awhile, that was the final deciding factor. They were contaminated. They became a War Child. Regardless of their good beginnings, it's clear Kitten isn't slated for a long life anyway. That's okay. Most of the time, they're happy this way. In rare moments of clarity, maybe not so much.

Kitten is still intelligent, and they've got a gift for all things mechanical. They love tinkering, and while they can fix a car easily enough, what they really enjoy is making things go boom. They also enjoy sniffing, smoking, shooting, drinking, and huffing anything that might get them high. Their real addictions though are pain and speed, the faster the better.

Kitten has a collection of bolts with symbolic scratches etched into them. They claim they can 'read' the bolts and tell the future. They... can't. But sometimes it's an entertaining way to pass the time.

  • Batshit Crazy: Kitten lives in a world of their own, only occasionally tuning in to what's going on around them. They're usually harmless. Usually.
  • Gearhead: Kitten's a Gearhead, and a damn good one, too. They may be nuts, but they're also a genius.
  • Need For Speed: Kitten likes fast cars, the faster the better. There's no such thing as too fast.


Brawn: Normal
Finesse: Normal
+ Good Balance (Positive)

Kitten has good balance; they're hard to knock over or push down.
Brains: Good
+ Mechanically-Minded (Positive)

When it comes to tinkering and putting together engines, weapons, and other mechanically-driven things, Kitten has a knack.
+ Insight (Positive)

Within their madness, Kitten occasionally has surprising insight.
Spirit: Normal
+ Inoffensive (Positive)

Something about Kitten scans as harmless and well-intended, making them slightly more likable.
- Poor Impulse Control (Negative)

Kitten has trouble not acting on their whim of the moment, even if the consequences might be dire.

Perks and Quirks

+ Good Luck

Re-roll 1 die. Once per Scene. You must select which die you wish to reroll.
+ Adrenaline Boost

Can add an additional +1 die. Once per Scene.
+ Witness Me

Allows the character to forego a Freak-Out Check and simply attack the source instead at a +1. This is obviously not always a great idea. If they choose not to attack and roll the Freak-Out Check as normal, keep in mind that failing and panicking is seen as cowardice, and such mediocre behavior will be remembered until they find a way to redeem themselves.
+ Wasteland Lore

The character has heard a lot of stories and rumors from the wastes, and can roll Brains +1 to see if they know anything about a name, place, creature, and so on.
+ Danger Sense

You have a knack for sensing when bad things are about to happen. For 3GP you can cancel out the monster component Surprise! once per scene.
- Small Favor

You owe someone else in your group a small debt. (The Gambler)
- Half-life

Whenever the character is injured they must make a Brawn Check without modifiers. Failure means their immune system does not kick in and they will not heal, leaving them at 0 SP going forward and without a Free Failure, much like an SR. They can only heal by being given a blood bag/donor and must roll again once a week until they get a success, at which point they are healthy again.
- Big Favor

You owe someone else a big debt. (The Fatalist)
- Fortune's Fool

You're unlucky. Cursed. Bad to be around. Once per scene, you can be given a -1 on any roll. Or it might be given to someone else.



Healing Hand

I know you, pretty girl. Don't look so sad.

Fatalist road3.gif

Hexeyed Charlie

Booze Slinger, Storyteller, Shit Disturber

I haven't forgotten, and I will repay you.




What's a nice man like you doing in a place like this?



Born Again Gardener

I like you. You're funny.



Imperator of Arms

Boss of nuts and bolts.




You bring me nice things. I like that.


Rebar (The Last Road)

Rebar is a War Child, born and bred. He's never known any other life than that in the Garage. He relies on Kitten to keep his ride in peak shape, and Kitten likes how fast Rebar drives. Any time they can ride with Rebar, it's a treat. It's a simple friendship based on simple principles: fix car, go fast.

Rebar can tell, though, that he's getting to the end of the line. The sickness is starting to take him, and he's determined that he'll die in glorious battle before that can happen.


Zephyr (The Last Road)

Zephyr is one of the blessed ones, clean and pretty. He's O+, healthy, and educated in the arts of pleasure, among other things. Though he doesn't have all that much autonomy over his body, he's seen how the others live, and he's comfortable where he is. Besides, it's all he's ever known.

Zeph enjoys Lux. While not everything is necessarily a transaction, Lux is a good way to get in good with him. Love comes and goes, but shiny things are forever.

Oh, and he's Drak and Cinder's baby brother.

No badges for The Last Road.

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Rumble on the Road
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Like Catherine Wheels
(2019-12-10 • Sanctuary - Prime - Scavenger Lounge) Faustina and Kitten pump the Scavenger siblings for more information. Mark and Faustina discover why Rebar and the Anchor Man have agreed the charioteer will take Kitten's spot as Rebar's gunner on this run.
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(2019-11-27 • Sanctuary - Garage - Workshop) An evening in the Garage
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Kissy's Freaking Out
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(2019-11-17 • Great Mess Hall) Kitten and Faustina share a meal and discuss their unique perspectives.
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Flashing the Bazaar
(2019-11-15 • Bazaar) A gathering of people meet at the bazaar. Trades are made, conversations are had, and a few people get flashed.
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(2019-11-14 • Bazaar) Kitten and Evelyn strike a deal in the bazaar.
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