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Ethel Whitmore

on MUX as

The Addict



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The Addict

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Providers of Adult Entertainment

Role in Carnival

Ethel has the voice of an angel and the disposition of a sinner. Disowned by her family for practicing witchcraft, Ethel made her way alone in the world doing whatever she had to do to survive. Her daddy taught her to fire a gun, her mother taught her how to cook, and the church taught her how to sing.

She's had a few jobs in a few clubs, but it's hard to make it in the world alone, especially as a woman of color in the 1930s. She walked away from her share of jobs because she refused to be ruled by some man with dollar signs in his eyes.

Eventually, she saw the Carnival come into town, and she met Diamanto, who saw in her a kindred spirit: a woman fiercely protective of her independence, with a connection to the wilder things in the world. Dia talked her into staying on, and in time Ethel became one of Dia's worshipers.

She sings in the burlesque tent and is strictly eye candy. Putting a hand on her is a good way to lose it, unless she likes you, and Ethel doesn't like very many people.

Singer: She lends her voice to the festivities in the burlesque tent.

Straight Shooter: She knows how to handle a gun, and she's not afraid to defend herself.

Hands Off: Unlike her fellow Diamanto worshipers, Ethel's flesh is not for sale. Many a rube has ended up learning the hard way you don't touch the songbird.


Brawn: Poor
- Sickly (Negative)

Ethel was sickly as a child, and while she's more or less okay now, her health isn't the greatest.
Finesse: Normal
+ Gunwoman (Positive)

She is beauty, she is grace, she will shoot you in the face.
Brains: Normal
+ Well-read (Positive)

Ethel is largely self-educated, and she reads voraciously on a number of topics, trading books from town to town.
Spirit: Normal
+ Witch (Positive)

While not inherently magic, she has a connection to the otherworldly through practice and belief.

No badges for Carnival.

Priests and Cannibals
(2019-03-27 • The Colorado Wilderness) Lorraine, Leona, and Kemen stumble on Dean and Diamanto and their thiasus.
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