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Sam Kamali

on MUX as

The Addict


Hotheaded "Bodyguard"

Apparent Age


Played By

The Addict

Role in Isle of Dread

His life has been a bit of a roller coaster ride up until now and Wyred Fest presents the perfect escape. Until recently, he’s been in denial about the emotional issues everyone else seems to see, though his latest messy divorce has convinced him anger management might be something to look into. For now though, he’s here to party and keep an eye on his family, because you can absolutely do both at the same time. Just try and tell him any different.

* Starts and finishes a lot of fights.

  • Looks out for Amir and Navid.
  • Recently single and ready to mingle.


Brawn: Good
+ Brawler (Positive)
+ Hard to Hurt (Positive)
Finesse: Normal
+ Quick Reflexes (Positive)
Brains: Normal
Spirit: Poor
+ Short Fuse (Positive)


Amir Valeh

Wealthy Family Heir

Cousin who needs protection whether he'll admit it or not.

No badges for Isle of Dread.

No logs found.